A downloadable game for Windows

Dungeon Trap is a new game project I'm working on since fews months.

The gameplay is a mix of tower defense concept mixed with action game. I'm on the first Alpha version but all the gameplay is wrote. The gameplay will be (I hope) very fun, with tons of différents actions, monsters and animation. And of course, You will have blood and explosions !!!

On this devblog, I will put information during the devlopment of the game and I will need you to help me on some graphic or gameplay choice !

You can follow the project on twitter, facebook and an Instagram if you want want.

Install instructions

I just published The first playable version of my game. The concept is based on tower defense, your hero (there is 3 differents heroes possibility) must stay alive to stop all monsters to escape the dungeon. It's a no-end level, with only fire traps activated and only 2 type of enemies.

You will see that there is 3 types of traps, permanent traps, cooldown traps and 4 loads traps. Hope you will enjoy ! Any feedback will be appreciate.


dungeon_trap_alpha 0.0.31.exe 17 MB


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I published today a patch (0.0.31) to correct few bugs and to add a small screen tutorial.

New video of the gameplay is online Gameplay Video (Alpha version)